brunch menu

Seasonal Approach of Hyper Local: Coming Soon

For the table

Chowder Fries / applewood bacon, curd, chives, chowder gravy 16 (tattooed mouse)

Chicken Fried Cauliflower / pepper vinegar, buttermilk caesar foam, B&B pickles 13

Cinnamon & Sugar Light Rolls / farm butter, sea salt 12

Apple Fritter / apple biscuit donut, 7 minute icing 10

Seafood Charcuterie Board / nova smoked salmon, smoked trout dip, scallop crudo, pastrami salmon

LTO, fried capers, dill, pickled veg, everything crostini, olives 18

Table Waffle / rosé soaked strawberry & buttermilk waffle, rosé syrup, whipped cream 13

Grit Hushpuppies / aïoli, cracklin’, pickled red 10


“Streaked Meat (bacon), Egg & Cheese” 15

Filet & Jam / bleu cheese, bacon, confit onions 18

Smashed & Fried Potato / red onion, miso aioli, chives

Crispy Salmon Belly / tomato jam, pickled red onion 15

*Choice of double fried potatoes, stone milled grits or fruit


Six Hundred° Eggs Any Style / meat, side, muffin, jam 14

Omelet / country ham, feta, oregano, tomato jam 14

Omelet / goat cheese, spinach & crispy prosciutto 15

Filet & Bone Marrow Gravy / fried egg, skillet corn bread, pickled shishito 21

*Choice of double fried potatoes, stone milled grits or fruit

small plates

Soup / Low Country Boil 10

Arugula / pickled red onion, smoked peanut, pecorino, calabrese pepper oil 13

Little Gem / buttermilk caesar foam, cracklin’s, celery leaf, cured yolk 13

House / local greens, heirloom tomato, red onion, candied peanut, balsamic vinaigrette 12


Add $8: Panko Fried Trout, Crispy Pork Belly, Salmon, Ahi Tuna, NC Shrimp, Steak

Biscuits & Gravy / fried egg, scapple hash, scallions 15

Salmon & Double Fried Potato / poached egg, apple-wood bacon, chives, hollandaise 16

NC Shrimp & Grits / maitake, andouille & tomato gravy, crisp kale 17

Chicken & Waffle / sorghum cinnamon butter 15

Thick Thigh & Hot Waffles, dark meat chicken, burnt caramel peaches, bourbon whip 16

Biscuits | Toast | Sandwiches

w/ choice Shoestring Fries, Sweet Potato Ribbon’s, Hot Chips, Petite Salad

Chicken Biscuit / fried egg, tomato gravy, apple-wood bacon, thick cheddar 16

Streaked Meat Biscuit / heirloom tomato, black pepper mayo, onion, fried egg (Jim Graham)

The Big Nasty Biscuit / fried pork loin, country ham, sausage gravy, #Merican cheese 15

Pickled Shrimp / grilled rye, aïoli, tomato jam, avo, pepper vinegar micro salad 16

Crispy Scrapple / thick grain wheat, sunny egg, chives, MeMe’s tomato ketchup, micro salad 14

Heirloom Tomato / artisan bread, burrata, miso aioli, pickled fennel 14

Or / scrambled, goat, avo, red onion, arugula

Burger 1 Way / lusty monk aïoli, thick cheddar, applewood bacon, arugula, brioche 15

Fried Green Tomato BLT / arugula, pimento cheese, pickled red onion, toasted light roll 15

Sweet Treats

Toasted Banana Bread / sweet cream 12

Fried Apple Pies / caramel, sweet cream 9

Cast Iron Chocolate Chip Cookie / vanilla ice cream 11

Skillet Buttermilk Sticky Buns, butter pecan caramel 10

A la Carte Sides

Fried Scapple Hash Sausage

Bacon Country Ham

Stone Milled Grits Double Fried Potato

Fruit Streaked Meat

One Egg Heirloom Tomato